Residential snow removal service. Clear the snow from the city sidewalk portion, front sidewalk, front steps and driveway. Snow to be cleared within 24 bylaw hours of a snowfall stopping for anything 1 cm or more.

Just ice-melt if needed. Please note: We ask that you please leave ice melt out on your front steps or front door area. This will enable our snow removal personnel that you want us to put ice melt down when we are clearing the snow from your property there is no additional charge for this.

The difference between and regular lot and an oversized lot? A regular lot is not a corner lot or an oversized lot. An oversized lot is considered anything that is more than a double garage. The season is considered 2 plus months anything less than 3 months is considered month to month.

Additional services: Rear sidewalk and or patio/deck add an additional $49.00 plus GST per month

Service agreement terms and conditions

Once the customer has filled in and submitted this service agreement the services are then confirmed.

PAYMENT FOR SERVICES: Once our office has received your online service agreement form we will contact you via phone to make payment arrangements. We accept all major credit cards, e-transfer and check.

Acceptance of all terms and conditions: It is agreed that the person(s) that signs this agreement is personally guaranteeing all terms and conditions of this agreement as noted herein this agreement and is stating that he or she has authority to sign this agreement and fully understands and agrees to this entire agreement.

In the event that someone has an accident on the customer’s property due to any work being performed etc. it is understood that HG Snow Removal Services and/or agents and/or affiliates will not be held accountable and accepts no liability. Furthermore, if contractor/personnel gets injured or has an accident on the client’s property the client does not accept liability.

I agree to the Service agreement terms and conditions.


For your convenience please text your request to (780) 885-3184. Please provide the following information in with your text: The description of what needs to be done, how soon, the address, name of customer, phone number , email address and billing address. After texting your request someone will be in touch with you within 30 minutes to confirm our service. Thank you HG Snow Removal Services