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Unlimited snow removal services for your residence starting as low as only $6.30 per day. Everyone can afford the quality and affordable snow removal service they deserve with our company. HURRY!

Did you know that a lot of contractors and companies are not insured for snow removal services? For example if they are primarily a construction contractor or company their insurance may only know they provide construction services not snow removal services. Therefore if they are doing snow removal services and there is a claim, then the insurance company could decline coverage. Furthermore, they may not be licensed with the City of Edmonton to provide snow removal services. At HG we are licensed and insuranced for snow removal services as well we are licensed with the city and we have WCB coverage for your protection. Also for your peace of mind we provide you with a service agreement that guarantees this. When hiring the services of a snow removal company or contractor these are things you should consider so you don’t end up being financially responsible for any possible damages and accidents that could happen from clearing snow on your property.

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We are an Edmonton based company that specializes in quality and affordable Property Maintenance Services and residential and commercial snow removal services. Our staff and crews take pride in providing our valued customers with affordable services all customers deserve.

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